Rockanje, an oasis of relaxation

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Rockanje, a seaside resort where everybody quickly feels at ease. The village is located at the west-side of the island Voorne. It is surrounded by magnificent dunes which are thickly grown over. In this environment it is niceto to go for a walk or to cylce. From the large parking lots at the two beach entrances you go by a beach square to get to the beautifully located North Sea beach. The seaside resort offers all forms of recreation for the young and the old.

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Rockanje has a beautifully wide North Sea beach. The special thing is that the beach is located to the south. So there’s a big chance that the sun is hanging right above you. Children can play safely here because the sandbanks obstruct the flow of the water. The beach is very popular for families. You can go on the sea with a water scooter at the south side of the Haringvlietdam.


The sandbanks in front of the coast care for a tranquil sea, so the children can safely play at the line of the water. In addition, there are lifeguards and a first aid post available every day during the summer holidays. The bathing place belongs to the top 10 of the cleanest beaches and belongs to the ‘Blue Flag’, an international environment distinction. These are wide beaches where you have all the space you need. You can perfectly go surfing, parasailing and sea-kayaking here. There is a lot of play equipment available. At the other side there is a place where you can go scuba diving. The diverse beach pavilions are the ideal place to relax on the beach. Would you rather like to enjoy a day at the beach in tranquillity? Walk onto the beach at the west- or east side and experience the peaceful sounds of the sea.

The beach is always cosily crowded and the beach activities that are organized there make Rockanje a popular seaside resort. On top of that, there is enough parking space for your car and bike. North of the beach, there is a special nudist beach.



The village itself is peaceful and is mostly known for its beach. The in South-Holland located seaside resort Rockanje contains an unique dune area and a beautiful beach at the North Sea. There are lots of possibilities for recreation at and around the beach: cosy terraces for a snack and a drink, hotels, there are lots of activities organized and of course there is a lot of beach pleasure to experience!


The surroundings of Rockanje offer things for everyone. It is possible to go horse riding, surfing, diving and cycling in and around the large recreation areas like the Oostvoornse Meer. You can go see some culture in the Open air museum De Duinhuisjes, where you go back into the time of the early 1900’s. Here are three dune houses with the original decoration, water wells, wagons, flower gardens and instruments to look at.

Another nice place of interest in the surroundings is the former fortress of De Heren van Voorne in Oostvoorne. This building arose in 1100. The best-known resident of the fortress was Jacoba van Beieren. She lived here around the year 1430 for a while. After she left the decay set in. The fortress was broken down and what remains is a side building and a ruin.


The surroundings of Rockanje are perfect for a ride by bike or a nice walk at the beach and in the dunes. The water sportsman is at the right place in Rockanje as well. Click here for the best activities in Rockanje. The dunes next to Rockanje belong to the most important nature areas of West-Europe. It is perfect for walking, cycling, skating and horse riding. On your way you’ll find lots of beautiful nature. How about the spoonbill population at the Quackjeswater or the cormorants at the Bredewater?