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Camping at ‘Rondeweibos’, at the seaside, means leisurely sunbathing on the beach, flying kites, building sand castles, swimming, (wind) surfing, sea angling or a brisk walk along the beach to get a breath of fresh air. ‘Rondeweibos’ is only 2 kilometres from the popular seaside resort Rockanje with its convivial restaurants and interesting shops. Spending a day in the nearby towns of Brielle and Hellevoetsluis is nice, too.

A beautiful path, leading along some small lakes and shifting dunes, takes you in just a couple of minutes from the camping site to the vast sandy beach.

Rondeweibos’ camping site is divided into several smaller fields that are surrounded by lots of green.

How do you like camping at the seaside?
Do you like short holidays or do you prefer camping for a nice long period and therefore rather have a seasonal or all-year pitch? ‘Rondeweibos’ offers you that choice. Read more about short-stay, seasonal or all-year pitches at the seaside.

Do you prefer renting at Recreation Park Rondeweibos at the seaside?
For those who do not have any camping equipment, or prefer a bit more luxury, our rented holiday caravans are the perfect solution.

Pets are allowed on the camping site of ‘Rondeweibos’, but not in the rented holiday caravans.

Molecaten Recreation Park Rondeweibos is open from 1 April till 1 November.

Have a look at the price-lists short-stay and seasonal pitches at ‘Rondeweibos’ or go to ‘Book Now' to check availability & prices.

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